Street Photography X-Masters


Street Photography X-Masters

We’ve invited 8 fantastic photographers to this publication and each one of them has produced a magnificent work that will surely inspire all of our readers, motivating them to improve their skills and discover their personal style, having as reference these outstanding examples, who shared their tips and experiences.


Inside this 121 pages PDF edition, beautifully illustrated with the most inspirational photographs, you will find extraordinary articles and interviews with experienced photographers!



Capturing an unrepeatable scene, a unique subject or a jaw dropping abstract is the holy grail of Street Photographers…
by Matt Hall

Walking meditation
by Kris Desautels

Capturing candid subjects while maintaining sharp focus is one of the most difficult aspects of street photography
by Nick Petrides

I can’t define my style in street photography, I just know what I like and it is to get close, very close.
by Angel Castillo

Fear is something that is always present in street photography.
by Eduardo Asenjo Matus

Having confidence in yourself and approaching your subjects with a smile.
by Ritesh Ghosh

In photography, contrary to life, there can always be a next time.
by Giannis Angelakis

My work is mainly focused on the people, surrounded by their city environment.
by Bas Hordijk