‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2024


‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2024

Composed of 705 pages with a selection of our most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.


From interviews to tutorials, we present you a fine set of exclusive contents.


The vast beauty of Budapest
by Cory Plowman

Three months in Uganda
by Christian Vaccaro

Freezing moments
by Deniece Brouwer

Landscape and travel photography
by Paulo Pereira

Of light and texture
by Manuel Castañeda

Weltschmerz – Transforming melancholy into beauty
by Tomislav Tomić

My photography journey…
by tomas derner

La Serenissima colorless in autumn light Venice in Black & White
by mark robertz

Enjoying the silence and beauty of Nature
by remy de wal

Analog Vibe
by Marcel F. Sherman

Arvin Bondad

Capturing moments with light and shadow
by Musabbir Chowdhury

Woodland with a portrait lens – Safety first?
by Lukáš Těžký

Using the X100V as my primary camera
by Philipp Wohlleben

Sharp enough at all the right places
by Joakim Hertze

The Essence of Kyoto, captured by Fujifilm
by Stuart Gibson

A magical place, alone with my Fuji
by Mattia Chersicola

Life is too short not to do what you are passionate about
by Jurius

A composer with a passion for cinematic themes
by Cosmo Lawson

Rain, Scale, Negative Space
by Anthony Hughley