Wedding Photography X-Masters


Wedding Photography X-Masters

We’ve invited 9 fantastic photographers to this publication and each one of them has produced a magnificent work that will surely inspire all of our readers, motivating them to improve their skills and discover their personal style, having as reference these outstanding examples, who shared their tips and experiences.


Inside this 171 pages PDF edition, beautifully illustrated with the most inspirational photographs, you will find extraordinary articles and interviews with experienced photographers!



“I can honestly say it (Fujifilm X system) made me a better photographer…”
by Marianne Chua

“This social media madness is actually increasing the demand for what I offer as a wedding photographer.”
by Gusmank Wedding Photography

“I think the key is to have confidence in what you are doing and avoid following the trends.”
by James Corbett

A pratical wedding
by Fernando Ramirez

“I like to become invisible at weddings but at the same time be a part of them.”
by Facundo Santana

“I always feel the best photos are unscripted and tell a real story of what is happening.”
by Derrick Ong

Wedding photography with architectural eye
by Dávid Szabó

“I’m not really interested in capturing small details but rather a small story unfolding within one frame.”
by Helen Abraham

Documentary wedding photography and beyond
by Colin Nicholls