‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2019


‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2019

Composed by 381 pages with a selection of our most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.


From interviews to tutorials, we presente you a fine set of exclusive contents.


Martin Gillman
Composition… it’s childs play

Jake Jakab
5 seconds to impress: Masterclass of Photography for Instagram

Verity Milligan
“Shooting the landscape is a form of therapy for me…”

Stephen Hodgetts
Improvising in Black & White

Victor Moriyama
National Geographic photographer

Ilaria & Andrea
Why we sold our Canon 5D mk IV to switch to Fuji

Peter Price
Cinematic Portraits Project

Andro Loria
Iceland Story with Fuji X-T2

Nicolas Castermans
Why Fuji is perfect for my travel photography

Marcelo de Coghlan
Photography and Motorcycles – The Mix of Two Passions

Saša Mihajlovic
True love story: How photography became fun again

James Corbett
Documentary Wedding Photography With The Fuji X-Pro1 & 35mm f/1.4

Philip Sutton
Powerful Travel and Street Images – My Settings!

Gautam Patel
On holiday with the Fuji X10

Ujjal Dey
Seeing the world through the Fuji X-E2S

Mangalika Ghosh
An Indian Photographer-Travelling with Fuji X-T10

Luis Rojas Garrido
Slowly but with love

Bas Hordijk
Capturing the Moment

Sebastian Warneke
My best decision

Tung Bui
Creative portrait photography with the Fuji X-H1

Jake Plasse
Shooting Street with the X-Pro2 in Vietnam