‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – Summer 2018


‘Best Of’ Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – #2 – Summer 2018

Composed by 305 pages with a selection of our most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.


From interviews to tutorials, we presente you a fine set of exclusive contents.


Andrea Livieri
Less weight and more space for creativity and innovation in your bag

Joshua Simmons
Military Under the Milky Way

Alissia Diaz
Naturelles – Capturing emotions through the camera

Patricia Davidson
My Switch to Fujifilm X-series Cameras

Roy Rozanski
A photographer on the streets

Barbara Seiberl-Stark
A Fuji goes to Japan

David Leong
Cinematic Portraiture and the Pure Shooting Experience

Jed Best
Traveling Light With Fuji X Cameras

Alireza Fani
“Photography is my passion” – Interview with Alireza Fani, Fuji X-Photographer

Alex Borja
Documenting the Amazon with Fuji

Kevin Kleitches
Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 II Lens Review

Jeff Merheb
Milky Way and Light Pollution Photography Tutorial Using Fuji

Thiago Pereira
Looking for success with Fuji

Richard Simko
Five years with Fujifilm X-series cameras

Kristian Leven
Colombia Street Photography, with the Fuji X-T2

Vincenzo Noletto
Interview with Vincenzo Noletto – founder of the Humans of Naples project

Bruno Ribeiro
5 years with Fujifilm

Francisco Morais
By train in Vietnam

Maria Sahai
Artic Blues