Photography Guide to Lisbon


This Photography Guide to Lisbon was structured to make life easier for anyone who wants to visit the city, with a map in which we highlight each of the regions where the photographic spots are located; with more than 180 reference photographs; GPS links and exclusive access to a set of short videos of the places to visit. Prepared as a downloadable PDF document, take it with you on your computer, tablet or, better yet, your mobile phone, so it’s always available when you need it. If you prefer, print it out in whole or in part so you can take handwritten notes on it.


Throughout its 150 pages, you will find:

  • The best photo spots, accompanied by GPS links, so you can find them straightforwardly without having to look around
  • Exclusive access to a set of short videos of the places to visit so that you can, from the comfort of your own home, have a clear idea of what awaits you
  • We reveal the best times of the year to visit the city
  • The photographic equipment essentials we recommend
  • City safety information
  • Gastronomy (with suggestions of nine delicacies that you really cannot miss)
  • Means of transport at your disposal to move around the city
  • Basic Portuguese/English words and phrases

This Photography Guide to Lisbon contains more than 180 reference photographs. We tried to photograph the city and its main sites like anyone who visits it: not just epic photos at sunrise and sunset, but also images taken at almost every possible time of day, precisely as a visitor would.

If visiting Lisbon is on your travel radar, this Photography Guide, filled with the best places to look up and photograph, will undoubtedly optimize your planning so that you don’t miss even a hint of what the city has to offer and enjoy your trip to the fullest.