A Travel Guide for Photographers


The author packed in this book all the knowledge of more than 10 years of traveling and photographing. Over the years he learned a lot about traveling efficiently. And now he offers all he knows in this incredibly well written and illustrated guide.



Inside of this +130-page eBook you will find and learn about:

– Planning

– Packing

– Bags, clothes, footwear and travel gear

– Cameras, lenses and accessories for travel photography

– Backups and useful tips and tricks

– Returning home and taking care of all your gear

– How to behave with different people and cultures

– Health issues and how to prevent getting sick

– Advice on food, drinkable water, vaccines, etc…

– Travel insurance


And many more like:

– Financial considerations

– Travel and photography bag choices

– Renting clothing and other gear

– Smartphone camera and useful apps

– Taking care of the gear while working

– Cleaning the cameras and sensors

– Make friends

– Respect the religion and local customs

– High altitude challenges

– Emergency evacuation

– Food poisoning

– Guides, Fixers and Tuk-Tuk drivers

– …


In this Travel Guide aimed for Photographers the author exemplifies using real case studies and a lot of tips that you can implement in your future travels.

Downloadable ebook in pdf format (approx. file size 53MB)


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