Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – #27


September 2018 – #27

With many inspiring articles from all over the world, we hope you appreciate this month’s magazine.



The Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine aims to be an answer to the demands of our regular website followers. Here you will be able to find a diversity of subjects.

From interviews to tutorials, we presente you a fine set of exclusive contents that we haven’t published on the web. All in a format that you can easily download and carry everywhere, whether it is on the notebook, tablet or smartphone.


Ujjal Dey
Seeing the world through the Fuji X-E2S

Til Jentzsch
A first look at the Fujifilm X-T3

Peter Delaney
On Safari with Fuji X-H1

Mangalika Ghosh
An Indian Photographer-Travelling with Fuji X-T10

Matteo Ceschi
Fuji X100 – Walking with a beautiful “Old Lady”

Paul Marshall
4 years with Fuji – From X-T1 to the X-H1, a retrospective on Paul Marshall’s career

Tips & Tricks
Website vs Social Media: which one is best for reaching your audience?

Recommended Instagram accounts that you should take a look