Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – #01


July 2016 – #01

The Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine aims to be an answer to the demands of our regular website followers. Here you will be able to find a diversity of subjects.

From interviews to tutorials, we present you a fine set of exclusive contents that we haven’t published on the web. All in a format that you can easily download and carry everywhere, whether it is on the notebook, tablet or smartphone.

As a bonus, you have also a selection of previously published articles, but packed in ebook format so you can comfortably read them, even without an internet connection!


Julien Grenouillet
My love for Land and Seascapes

Iliyan Bozhinov
Portrait and Street Photography: Interview and Portfolio

Sebastian Boatca
20 useful tips for Travel Photography

Michael Leski
Fuji workflow: Travel and Street Photography

Anthony Owen Jones
X100T: An every day affair?

Ivan Joshua Loh
Fuji X70. A New Class Act

Tomić Dalibor
How Fuji enhance my passion for photography

Paul Richards
Documentary Wedding Photography with Fuji X-T1: Some thoughts on creativity

Saqib Shams
The story of my passion for Fuji X-E2

Klayfe Rohden
From DSLR to Fuji: Story of the brazilian photographer Klayfe Rohden and his beautiful feminine portraits with X-T10