At The Edge Of The Sea – Download version

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In this informative and inspirational 66 minute film, join Andy Mumford (Fujifilm X Photographer) as he addresses the unique set of challenges that come with photographing waterscapes in two stunning locations. From composition to exposure the photographer guides you step by step through shooting sunset on the wild beaches of mainland Europe’s most westerly point, and sunrise at the iconic Vasco da Gama bridge across Lisbon’s river Tejo.



This comprehensive guide follows each step of the creative process, from working in the field to bringing out the best of an image in post-processing, including;

. Composing an image for dramatic effect
. Using graduated neutral density filters
. Using neutral density filters for long exposures
. Shooting a range of exposures to blend together later in post processing
. Using Adobe Lightroom to prepare an image for processing in Photoshop
. Making adjustments on separate layers in Photoshop
. Using Luminosity masks to make contrast adjustments
. Exposure blending using luminosity masks

Featuring stunning cinematography in breathtaking locations, this is an essential guide to waterscape photography and fully captures the essence of getting out and shooting At The Edge of the Sea…

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