If you like a good photography eBook, you cannot miss this edition “People”. There are more than 190 pages filled with beautiful photographs.



As in any photographic genre, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to get good pictures of people. Look carefully around you, around your village or town, around your work, or the path you take every day. In all of them, you can find people, perhaps many of them interesting enough to be saved by your lens and camera. Some of these people may require some of your time to share their stories with you. Others may send you a smile of acceptance and go on their way. Some others may continue their journey, or their work, without caring or even noticing your presence.

This is an eBook designed to showcase some of the best people photographs that many have brought to Fuji X Passion over the past few years. It wasn’t an easy job of curating, but we loved every minute of it deciding which images fit best side by side, page after page.

If you like a good photography eBook, you can not miss “People”, a 190+ page special edition.