Great Landscapes


If you like a good photography book, you cannot miss this edition “Great Landscapes”, a 125-page book, hardcover, premium (matte) paper.

There are more than 100 pages with photographs of beautiful landscapes. In the final chapter, we show what equipment was used, the technical data, the author, and the corresponding website for each photo.


Andrea Livieri, Anthony Robin, Barbara Seiberl-Stark, Bryan Minear, Carmine Gammarota, Chris Sargent, David Thompson, Dominic O’Brien, Eb Just, Eduardo González Hernando, Eggy Sayoga, Emily Endean, Haffiz Julpadya, Harry Stamatov, Ivo Jelinek, Jara Sijka, Jason Hew, Julien Praly, Konstantinos Vasilakis, Leire Unzueta, Mangalika Ghosh, Martin Gillman, Maurício Reis, Morten Byskov, Natanael Pérez Luis, Nicolas Castermans, Norbert Strzelecki, Patricia Davidson, Pavel Mego, Ralf Polke, Robert Clark, Robert Doeleman, Robin Benzrihem, Sebastian Warneke, Stephen Vincent-Grace, Tomás Gehrhardt, Victor Ferreira
Hardback | 126 pages
Size: 8.250″ x 10.750″ (273mm x 210 mm)
Language: English



We love books, the smell of paper, feeling the texture, enjoying the detail, the grain, the stories that some images tell us, or that lead us to travel. This is exactly what we intend to do, to take our readers on a journey, with the launch of the book “GREAT LANDSCAPES”, where we have collected some of the best landscape photographs that we published in recent years.

This book results from many hours of work invested by each of the photographers invited. Many hours of sleep were lost, hours sitting in the car or plane, hiking in difficult terrain, and backpacks loaded with equipment. Without them, without their keen eyesight, without their fantastic photographs, none of this had been possible.


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