Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – #23


May 2018 – #23

With many inspiring articles from all over the world, we hope you appreciate this month’s magazine.



The Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine aims to be an answer to the demands of our regular website followers. Here you will be able to find a diversity of subjects.

From interviews to tutorials, we presente you a fine set of exclusive contents that we haven’t published on the web. All in a format that you can easily download and carry everywhere, whether it is on the notebook, tablet or smartphone.


Ritesh Ghosh shows a short documentary about the Gajan – Traditional Ritual of Bengal, with all the images taken with the Fuji X-T1 and the 10-24mm lens.

Ilaria & Andrea, wedding photographers, justify why they sold the Canon 5D mk IV to switch to Fuji. A technical and inspirational article.

Roy Cruz received the Fujifilm X-H1 and shared his initial impressions, pushing the IBIS and experimenting the Eterna film simulation in Street Photography.

Joseph D’Agostino gave us an interview, where he talks about his career, equipment used for Wedding Photography, his approach to this genre and why he stays in the X-system.

Peter Price, coming from a filmmaking background, has been working on a breathtaking cinematic portraits project using Fuji cameras.

Rodrigo Roher talks about why he moved to the Fuji X system and how it changed his approach to Photography. He also tells about his trip to Cuba in January and his Habana 73.1 series.

Robert Clark made An Exploration of Color with the Fuji X-H1 on a  Washington DC Photowalk. And reveals his thoughts about it.

In this issue we bring to our readers 10 Tips for Outdoor Photography. Enjoy the Summer that is coming and improve your shots with these simple advices.

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